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New Relax Italy

New Relax Italy Mattresses

New Relax Italy is born from its founder, Silvio Zinnari's, thirty year experience and stands out for its production of memory foam rest systems.
New Relax Italy uses only raw materials "made in Italy" and it relies on craftsmen who build each piece by hand, with care and experience.


For years we have attended to the needs of all customers, from the most demanding aesthetic and functional qualities, to those who ask for a practical and convenient rest system, this is our philosophy: customer satisfaction.

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Gold Line

Discover the exclusive Gold mattress line

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Silver Line

Discover the exclusive Silver mattress line

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Blue line

Discover the exclusive Blue mattress line

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Slats Line

Discover the exclusive line of
slats for all loads

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Discover the range of toppers, pillows, mattress covers,
power components and other
optionals for all our lines

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Beds and Sofas

New Relax Italy offers you a wide choice of beds, sofas and armchairs, customisable in shape, size, finish and fabric.

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New Relax Italy is at your disposal with a wide range of pre- and post-sale services to ensure the best rest.

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Contact Us

Request a free custom quote, without obligation and discover the perfect rest guaranteed by New Relax.

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